BURJ KHALIFA (LEVEL 124 & 125) Prime Time

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Burj Khalifa, one of the phenomenal architecture that portrays an amazing mixture of art and unmatchable craftsmanship. Your Dubai Trip is solely incomplete if you have not visited Burj Khalifa At the top, the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Well, no architecture in this planet till date has aroused this much curiosity as Burj Khalifa does. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Dubai City from the top floor of the Burj Khalifa i.e. 124th floor of the building. Behold your breath as you are going to experience the incredible views of the Burj Al Arab, lofty beaches, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and other significant attractions while reaching At the Top in the Burj Khalifa elevator.

Interestingly you can use the digital telescopes at the top to have a close aerial view from such a height and you can browse any location before you reach the ground without using Google Maps. Immerse yourself in the 360-degree view of the city, beaches, buildings, desert from such an awe-inspiring height. Else you can watch the multimedia presentation on the historical and cultural aspects of the city while riding on the moving sidewalk of the longest tower.

Admission tickets to 124th and 125th Floor of the Burj Khalifa.
Use of the viewing telescopes on the observation deck.

Food and beverages.
Centralize  transfers.
Multilingual smart audio guide in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and German (available for 25 AED at the ticket counter).

Know Before You Go
Timings and Availability

Please be aware that we may experience some delays as some locations can be unavoidably busy and some lines could form at mandatory security checks and at entrances for the stairs and the elevator. Due to its popularity, you might have to wait anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes at the elevator queue. We recommend allowing extra time before your next activity to ensure you make the most of your Burj Khalifa At the Top experience.

BURJ KHALIFA AT THE TOP (LEVEL 124 & 125) Prime Time

Dubai United Arab Emirates

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    8:53 am - March 19, 2020 / Reply

    the view of dubai from the top along with the sunset was fantastic.

    thank you for the trip.


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