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Watch and experience the enthralling sights, colours and displays of Dubai Garden Glow, Dinosaur Park, Art Park, Ice Park and Magical Park. Get an access to these parks now! From AED 65 only


Choose from the below options:
Option 1:
Access to  Dubai Garden Glow for AED 65
Option 2: Dubai Garden Glow Combo Access for Dinosaur park, Art park, Ice park And Magical Park AED 99


  • Dubai Garden Glow is the ‘largest glow-in-dark garden’ made of 10 million energy saving bulbs and yards of recycled luminous fabric
  • Dinosaur Park is the ‘biggest Dinosaur park’, that displays more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs
  • Art Park provides a unique platform to experience exclusive glowing artistic models made-up of simplest Eco-friendly recyclable materials. It seamlessly stitches different notes of happiness, cultural values, beliefs and identity, creating an overall paradise of all colours of life
  • Ice Park takes one into an extremely contrasting and outrageous ambience. The chilling Ice Park has been skillfully created using more than 5000 tons of ice, where talented artists from all around the world have dedicatedly worked upon the assembly of the icy sculptures – of frozen glowing safari having all wild animals creating a thrill of an adventure trip. One cannot be convinced unless having seen and experienced it for real at a temperature that is set at -7 o C to -8 o C
  • Magical Park is the latest park in Dubai Garden Glow, having a 3D illusional artwork that plays with a person mind and sight

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    3:33 pm - March 19, 2020 / Reply

    i enjoyed the excursion of parks and glow garden with my friends


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